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"MBCM Rosebud have been our OC Managers for approximately 4 years. During that time Dawn and John Bowers have performed their duties in a professional and efficient manner. We have found their advice and leadership in all matters in relation to the successful operation of our building to be very timely and consistently beneficial to all Owners."

"Thank you both and your tremendous staff for all your assistance as the Body Corporate/Owners Corporation. Your help and support has be invaluable throughout the past 2.5 years Plus, that we have all been in residence at the property. As a Committee we have had many challenges, over many issues but with MBCM Rosebuds professional advice and guidance we seem to have reached a very acceptable standard of living at the property, with decisions that have been satisfactory for all residents. Our aim has always been to maintain a harmonious community living space with higher than average standards in order to always give owners the best opportunity to keep high values and good return on our investments (our homes). We believe that in partnering with MBCM Rosebud this has been achieved in every way possible. With this property of 32 units it was important for all to set out several Scopes of Works & Criteria for special rules that are unique to maintain good standards. The result is a great document of Consolidated Rules that provides everyone with common sense guidance. We thank you as the OC Committee and I thank you personally for making my job a lot easier."

Various Clients - MBCM Rosebud
"I wanted to take the time to write and acknowledge your outstanding service. I often hear people talk around our office. People will say "I need a good Owners Corporation Manager, who you would suggest"...I have to say that 9/10 your name will be mentioned by one of the Property Managers."

"You have a brilliant reputation around our office as being prompt, thorough, helpful and willing to go above and beyond... Something we don't see every day from other Owners Corp Managers."

"It is with great pleasure that I can recommend Melbourne Body Corporate to anyone who is thinking of using their services. They always reacted and related to me in a very patient and very professional manner and got the job done."

"Since taking over the body corporate manager position, we have been very impressed with your service. You are always prompt and efficient at following up requests and are receptive to our needs as property owners rather than simply absorbing fees. Our body corporate continues to build stronger with your leadership. I would not hesitate to recommend your services."

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